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Donations, Tithes, Contributions for TLNMINISTRY

Donations, Tithes, Contributions for

Echad Betokh Mashiach Messianic Ministry

Echad Betokh Mashiach Messianic Ministry / TLNMINISTRY relies on the donations and prayers of our partners.  If you would like to partner with us through a financial blessing to further the work and teaching of the Hebraic/Jewish Roots of our faith and the Call to Prepare for the Return of Yeshua HaMashiach/Jesus Christ the Messiah with G-d's Kingdom, you can make a donation right now through PayPal(can use credit cards, debit cards, etc with PayPal.).   Select either Echad Betokh Mashiach Messianic Ministry or TLNMINISTRY and your  donation will be processed accordingly.

Thank You, Blessings and Shalom, Pastor Terry Newman

Messianic Congregation Tulsa, Oklahoma