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Recommended Reading Page

On this page you will find several books which teach about the Messianic Church, Congregation or Synagogue.  There are different perspectives and approaches to the Messianic Jewish Roots "Movement" and it is our goal to have any one interested to have all the information and knowledge they can have concerning this.  Included are links to other Ministries, which have demonstrated a love and respect for Israel, G-d's Chosen People and the Messianic Perspective in Praise and Worship (Remember each Ministry usually has a centrally focused message of which G-d has led them to pursue).  Included also are links to Messianic Music or Messianic Gospel Music (if so preferred) and the artists.

No we are not paid, funded nor reimbursed for these recommendations.  These recommendations are from personal use and study.  We do this with the prayer for your knowledge and love in Yeshua HaMashiach to grow so you will be able to share with others

that they may come to know our Lord also and the Salvation we have through G-d's chosen lineage, our Hebraic/Jewish Roots.

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